I am a self-taught abstract artist living in Maleny on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. Years ago I stepped into the Queensland Art Gallery and saw the Impressionists' thick, buttery colours and expressive strokes - I knew this was the medium for me.

I embarked on my painting journey, later in life, never forgetting that fateful day at the Queensland gallery.

Once I picked up a palette knife and created my own style of expression, a creative world in visual representation of emotion opened up. I love working with the combination of colour and modelling paste to give texture and vibrancy in  my paintings

Drawing inspiration from the ups and downs of life, I mix modelling paste with my paints to give a thick layer of bold colour to reflect mood. I apply the colours with a palette knife to create movement and to inject energy in to my work.

The Art

Acrylic paint is used in partnership with various mediums, such as modelling paste, ceramic stucco and others. It is spontaneous, free form and can be highly textural. The majority of texture is achieved with various palette knives and other tools

While there are some canvas works, the preferred painting suface is framed MDF boards. Once complete, they are ready for presentation without the need of an extra frame but can be framed to the owner's taste if desired.
Studio location: Maleny, on the Sunshine Coast hinterland, QLD, Australia
Gayle Pope Art
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