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The home of abstract works and colour. Please browse through the gallery to view them all.

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Gayle Pope
Gayle Pope with a selection of works on the studio display wall
The artist contemplating "what's next"
Vista of Maleny near the studio

From September through to October,

...you can see my works at Vianta Espresso | Tapas | Wine (Simpson Street, Beerwah, 4519)

You will see my latest work, Vivacity, when you enter the establishment. It is 112 x 112 cm, bright, welcoming and even more textural than my previous works.

Opening night pictures, Vianta Arts.

Vianta Espresso | Tapas | Wine (Simpson Street, Beerwah, 4519)

Vianta Arts presented Gayle Pope Art in a professional and wonderful manner. Great food, great company at a great place. Visit Gayle Pope Art Facebook page for more images of this wonderful evening.

Gayle Pope Art
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